Program of the North Carolina Communists

  1. We want full employment.
  2. We want democratic control of our workplaces through collective bargaining, including working conditions, wages, salaries and benefits.
  3. We want universal health care, such as (but not limited to) Medicare for everyone.
  4. We want an end to racial injustice. We want people of color to determine their own destinies, and to be safe from harassment, discrimination, or physical violence.
  5. We support the sovereignty of indigenous peoples.
  6. We want freedom for all women from patriarchal domination. This includes equal pay for equal work, reproductive choice, and safety from sexual assault.
  7. We want to do away with discrimination based on sexual preference, orientation, and gender identity. We want complete freedom for LGBTQ people to be who they are in every setting.
  8. We want decent housing for all.
  9. We want education of equal quality for everyone. We want education that meets the special needs of any child. We want schools to be adequately funded and teachers to be adequately paid. We want education that teaches each student who they are and the value of their position in society.
  10. We want to eradicate wars of aggression, especially against people of color. We want to abolish wars that support the multinational corporations at the expense of the 99%.
  11. We want income redistribution. We want to replace a financial system in which 20 people control more wealth than 50% of the people on the planet, and half of all children live in poverty, with one that ensures a decent standard of living for all.
  12. We want an end to police brutality against people of color. We want police to be responsible to the people they serve, not vice versa. We want to reverse the militarization of our police forces.
  13. We want mass incarceration to be stopped, and especially the jailing and imprisonment of people of color many times more than their proportion of the population. We want an end to the forced servitude at pitiful wages that puts prisoners into virtual slavery. Work must be voluntary and compensated at the same rate as on the outside.
  14. We want immigration policies that welcome rather than punish people who are seeking a new life within our borders.
  15. We want ecologically sustainable environmental policies that place people and planet above profit.

We don’t pretend that these goals represent the full vision of a communist society. They are immediate, practical demands that would help our brothers and sisters lead better lives, raise working class consciousness, and carve away at the power of the bourgeoisie.