North Carolina Communists Strategic Concepts

In forming a new organization, some issues are still being worked out. We are clear about some elements of strategy:

  1. We are Marxist-Leninists.
  2. We are not dogmatic sectarians. We do not have a creed. We don’t define ourselves by being against what other groups or historical figures have done. We will work with other groups on the Left when we agree, and act independently when we don’t.
  3. We take the best information we have, apply a Marxist-Leninist analysis, and apply it in such a way that it will be understandable and attractive to the more progressive elements of the working class. We don’t have a rigid ideology which forces our understanding of current events into a pre-defined set of ideas. Instead, we have a praxis. Collect data, apply analysis, plan and implement action, observe the results, re-assess the analysis and the application. Continue as often as needed. Dialectical materialism is not an ideology, it’s a method.
  4. Our organization is not based on nostalgia for a former time or idolization of historical persons. We view history as something to study to help understand current conditions, but it is not expected or desirable that all or even most of the membership be students of history. Our focus is on how we apply M-L analysis to current conditions so that we can act rather than talk.
  5. We respect the working class as it is, not as we think it might have been or ought to be. This isn’t a simplistic, monochrome viewpoint. The working class is diverse, and our praxis acknowledges that. We are not painting ourselves into a little red corner – more commie than thou – nor are we watering it down to make it acceptable to reactionary elements within the working class.
  6. We are focused on local work, yet our organization is intended to grow beyond our particular locale.
  7. We have a vision of how to build an organization which is flexible without being loosey-goosey; disciplined without being repressive; valuing individual creativity without fostering alienation or competition; collective without being insular.
  8. Our main goal is to build class consciousness within the working class, and action which springs from that consciousness. Our organization is a useful tool but not the focus of our activity. Our projects are selected to accomplish something that will help the working class, not as recruitment farms for our outfit. There is already an element of the working class who are active in this kind of endeavor. These are the people we want to reach first.
  9. We are not the tail of the Democratic Party dog. There may be times when we might support a Democrat candidate for office, but our support would include a M-L analysis of their strengths and weaknesses. Supporting a candidate just because s/he is the “lesser of two evils” is a losing game. We represent one wing of an independent socialist political force and must always act as such.
  10. This is a time in history in which the contradictions inherent in the capitalist system are intensifying, accelerating, and exhibiting themselves in raw, naked form. It is a good time for communists to educate, encourage, and orient workers who haven’t previously identified with this movement. Avoiding the mirror-image traps of left-wing adventurism and right-wing opportunism, we promote an openly Marxist-Leninist program and perspective which is palatable to a growing swath of the working class.