Membership in The North Carolina Communists

  • Membership is a commitment.
  • Membership in the NCC is open to any Marxist-Leninist, regardless of age, race, sexual orientation, gender identification, ethnicity, or other such characteristic.
  • We expect that most members will live in North Carolina, but this is not a requirement for membership. If enough members join from outside of North Carolina, changes will be made to reflect that.
  • The NCC is a cadre organization. All members are expected to contribute actively. This may be in time and energy devoted to organizing efforts, creative work (graphics, pamphlets, etc), financially, or by other means.
  • Members will join in a probationary status. They will be assigned a mentor who will ensure proper education in Marxist-Leninism and help them to settle on how they will function in the NCC. Probationary status will last as long as needed until the collective decides they are ready for full membership.
  • Non-members are invited to contribute financially to support our work.
  • Use the contact email for further information or to apply.